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 Terri Davis-Hayden 

Inside of Every Person IS Greatness


Terri's mission is to find the greatness in each student and bring it out fully. But even more, she teaches her students to find that greatness within themselves and how to readily call it forth. She does this through the application of three principles: 1) High expectations, 2) Focus on skills development and knowledge, and 3) Setting an example of excellence.

A seasoned performer, Terri has sung  in diverse settings around the country for over thirty years. Classically trained, and a member of the American Guild of Musical Artists, she began her career singing with Cincinnati Opera, and Washington Opera at Kennedy Center. Her professional career quickly expanded into musical theatre, jazz, pop, and recorded music. 


Terri brings a high caliber approach to training  the aspiring performer. The student will grow in confidence, develop a reliable foundation of vocal skills, technique and styles, and can discover the paths that will lead the singer to their desired success. 


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