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 A Goal Without A Plan  





You know what you want to be - a PRO! But you aren't sure how to get there. Let me help you get on the path to success and stay there, guiding you through one of three tracks:                                 1) Popular Music, 2) Broadway, or 3) Classical.

Our Programs:

 Popular Music

Whatever your style - Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, Contemporary Christian or any of the other emerging genres - having the right repertoire for your style, ability and vocal range is key, as is learning to perform well live.


Formal education, vocal range, dance and acting all need attention to make it on Broadway. But once you make it there . . . 


Classical styles (Opera and Jazz primarily) require the most intense skill development, but probably the least performance and dance training. It also requires planning to get into one of the few elite programs, and international experience is a must.

  Custom Program   

While tracking into one program is recommended for most students, it's not strictly required, at least not to start. An exploratory approach can be a good idea for versatile singers who value a range of experiences.

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